The Ghana Highway Authority was established in 1974. This year marked its 42years of existence in the improvement of trunk roads in this country.

The hard work is evidenced by the improvement of road condition we have been setting consistently in recent years, including this year, as we are on pace to reach the milestone of 70% good roads, 20% fair and 10% poor. However, the accomplishment of 52%, 39% and 9% in 2014 did not come easily. 

Over the years, the staff of GHA has worked through limitations of inadequate budgetary allocations and untimely release of funds to operate, which have made it difficult to effectively plan for the future and implement fruitful changes.

Despite these challenges, GHA continue to develop national corridors and some critical road sections, reduce travel time and improve regional integration. In addition, GHA has been maintaining road asset through its maintenance department. All the ten (10) regions in Ghana have Highway Offices to maintain their respective regional roads. GHA has also embraced the axle load policy in order to protect the road pavement from excessive loading and therefore their early deterioration.

In the wake of dwindling financial commitments from government and reduction in donor funding, we continue to make progress across the country in order to improve the socio-economic lives of the citizenry.

Other notable accomplishments of the last few years include appointing a stable management team; the cultivation of good and productive relationships with our labour unions; the strengthening of financial management and controls; reductions in debt that allowed us to pay medical bills and allowances to deserving staffs; and the completion of major infrastructure capital projects throughout our system.  We are also committing resources to upgrade our internal systems so we can serve our partners and stakeholders better while managing our own finances more effectively.

We have gone from being focused on survival to being focused on growth and improvement.  The recent national interest in safe and quality roads has presented us with unprecedented opportunities.

But to fully capitalize on the opportunities we have – now and in the future – we need to do more.  The new opportunity is for us to position GHA to be able to borrow from the open commercial market for infrastructure development, seek new areas for generating internal funds, which should be adequate enough to pay salaries and involving the private sector through public-private partnership projects.

For 42 years GHA has survived, and at times thrived, despite the uniquely challenging position from which we operate.  This long-term strategic plan will be our guide as we continue our efforts to build an organization that is best equipped to provide the road transportation our country needs.

The Long-Term Strategic Plan, which covers a period of twenty (20) years from 2017 to 2037 will be divided into five (5) medium-term plans, each directed towards the achievement of the long-term goals and objectives. The medium-term plans of 2017-2021, 2022-2025, 2026-2029, 2030-2033, and 2034-2037 would be worked out into details containing resources including funds needed to execute each medium-term plan.

The major focus of this plan is to make GHA financially independent in its day-to-day administration and partner private organizations in developing our priority roads in the country.

We need to change the way we operate. There is the need to restructure GHA to have a lean skilled staff that is more efficient and effective in the delivery of our mandate. This will require an amendment of our Act 540 that will enable us borrow funds from the open market (with approval of MRH and Ministry of Finance) for road projects on the strength of our balance sheet.

Over the next 20 years (2017-2037) GHA will pursue the following goals to deliver a safe, efficient and sustainable trunk road network.

Goal 1 –Timely Road Maintenance

Stabilize the trunk road network in the country through timely maintenance and efficient resources allocation.

Goal 2 – Cost Effective Road Development

Provide a safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective trunk road network through the use of up-to-date technologies and best practices.

Goal 3 – Efficient Axle Load Control

Preserve the trunk road network through efficient and effective axle load control.

Goal 4 – Enhance Road Safety

Ensure safety for all by improving our road safety management system.

Goal 5 – Innovative Financing

Increase funding for road works through Public Private Partnerships, effective toll collection and internally generated funding.

Our implementation plan includes effective communication with our stakeholders; better interaction with employees at all levels of GHA; the use of modern management tools to drive our performance and measure the results; making necessary adjustments to achieve set goals.

The overarching purpose of the implementation plan is to align every function within the organization around our strategies and goals. We must spend our money and our time in a way that produces the biggest impact on our goals. We are determined to invest and grow the business that improve our performance rating, and not waste resources on activities that do not advance our corporate goals.

Each department, division, unit, and employee shall endeavor to use this plan as a compass to guide their decisions every day. We must all develop, understand and use specific tactics to achieve GHA’s goals. It will require tough decisions and enduring the discomforts that change brings. With all hands on deck GHA will achieve the level of success we all desire.




Bashiru Lomo Tetteh Sakibu

Chairman, GHA Board 



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20 years strategic plan for GHA

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