Engineering Services


The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) announces that apart from its core business of provision and maintenance of trunk roads and their related facilities in Ghana, the GHA also has a wide range of services on offer to the public at affordable fees.

Details of the services available to specific target clients and the pubic are as follows:

A.   Estate Developers

-      Soil Test

-      Structural Integrity Test

-      Traffic Impact Assessment

-      Environmental Impact Assessment

-      Concrete Cube Compressive Strength Test

-      Compaction Test for Road Pavements

-      Bitumen Tests for Road Surfacing


B.   Road/Bridge Contractors & Consultants

-      Prefeasibility Studies

-      Feasibility Studies

-      Detailed Engineering Design Studies

-      Supervision of Road and related projects

-      Soil Test for Culvert and Bridge Foundation Design

-      Concrete Mix Design

-      Structural Design for Culverts and Bridges

-      Asphaltic Concrete Mix Design

-      Concrete Cube Compressive Strength and Test

-      Compaction Test for Road Pavements

-      Bitumen Test for Road Pavements

-      Strength and Gradation Tests for Coarse Aggregates

-      Traffic Data Collection/Analysis

-      Axle Load Data Collection/Analysis

-      Road Line Marking Test

-      Road Traffic Sign Test

-      Guardrail Test

-      Street Lightning (Photometric) test

-      Training in Road Safety Audit/Accident Investigation Analysis


C.   Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies

-      Soil Test for Building Permit

-      Structural Integrity Test for Building Permit

-      Traffic Impact Assessment for Building Permit

-      Training for Building Inspectors in Basis Land Surveying, Concrete Test

Concrete Mix Designs, Hardcore Compaction, Concrete Aggregates Tests

-      Car Park, Bus Terminal Design, Construction and Supervision

-      Footbridge Design, Construction and Supervision

-      Road Design, Construction and Supervision

-      Bridge Design, Construction and Supervision

-      Training for Safety and Environment Officers

-      Street Lighting (Photometric) Test


D.   Tertiary Institutions

-      Training of Students in Laboratory/Field Testing Of Construction Materials etc