Routine Maitenance Activities

Routine maintenance activities carried out by the region include but not limited to the following activities:

Paved Roads

  1. Pothole Patching on Bituminous Dressing
  2. Pothole Patching by Premix
  3. Repair of Depressions, Ruts, Shoving and Corrugations
  4. Edge failure repairs
  5. Crack Sealing

Unpaved Roads

  1. Grading of gravel roads without compaction
  2. Grading of gravel roads with compaction
  3. Sectional Patching

Roadside & Roadside Furniture Maintenance

  1. Grass-cutting by Manual Labour
  2. Grass-cutting by Mechanical Plant
  3. Cleaning and Replacement of Traffic Signs
  4. Repair and Replacement of Guide Posts and Guard Rails
  5. Road Lines Marking


  1. De-silting of Culverts
  2. Ditch Cleaning by Manual Labour or Mechanical Plant
  3. Re-excavation of Drainage Ditches by Manual Labour

The Roadside and Drainage Maintenance activities such as Grass cutting and De-Silting are carried out by Single Man Contractors (SMCs) whilst the rest such as pothole patching and grading are by Local Private Contractors (LPCs)