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The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) through the Ministry of Roads and Highways has established an Axle Load Control Unit for the purpose of controlling overloading and dimensions of trucks on the road network by installation of axle weighing equipment at vantage points along the road corridors.

Overloading of heavy goods vehicles has been identified as one of the major contributory factors that cause early deterioration of the road infrastructure and road traffic crashes. GHA enforces the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 on axle load, gross weight, and dimension control and revises strategies to control overloading of motor vehicles on our road network

The Axle Load Control Policy seeks to reduce overloading of heavy vehicles, thereby preserving the investment made in the provision of road infrastructure as well as reducing road traffic crashes to the barest minimum and vehicle operation costs.

Objectives of axle load control

  1. Deter trucks operation in an overloading condition
  2. Preserve the design life of the road and overhead structures
  3. Improve road safety
  4. Improve travel time
  5. Reduce road maintenance cost

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