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    RSED has the responsibility of identifying road safety and environment issues along GHA's network and draw program to address them. This is achieved through the different units under the division as detailed below;

    1. Auditing of new and existing Trunk roads as a pro-active measure to reduce the risk of deaths and injuries on the roadway.
    2. Identification and analysis of accident black spot/sections on the road network and implement appropriate countermeasures to reduce the frequency and severity of Traffic crashes
    3. Road furniture and remedial works.
      1. Provision of road Traffic signs, road studs, and markings
      2. Provision of streetlight
      3. Provision of safety fence at hazardous section
    4. Research efforts in road safety aimed at promoting safer and expeditious traffic flow as well as asset management regarding safety devices such as traffic signs and markings.
    5. Ensuring Contractors compliance and implementation of Environmental Management Plan approved by Environmental Protection Agency, thereby ascertaining, so far as possible, sound environmental management as required by the Laws of Ghana to prevent or minimize the negative impacts of roads and bridge works on the environment.
    6. The division operates from the Head Office of the Ghana Highway Authority in co-operation with four (4) zonal safety managers.
    7. Monitoring and controlling of axle load on major the trunk roads.

Office Address :

P.O.Box 1641
Accra - Ghana
03039-67364 (Reception)